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Danny Patterson is having one of those days. You know the type; you wake with a debilitating hangover in your filthy flat which now has a corpse in the hallway, find out God has framed you for murder and help the creator of the Universe kidnap your ex-fiancé who you’re still in love with.
No? OK, so it’s just Danny then. Not that Danny is the only one having a bad start to the Easter weekend.

Jenny Thomas is still failing to come to terms with losing her soul mate. She could have done without him coming to her home with a deity that insists on being called Dave who kills several people to prove his divinity. God has picked the atheist Danny and the religious Jenny to save humanity, and their mission is twisted in Biblical proportions.

Completing the trinity of troubled souls is an awkward policeman charged with finding a murderer but finds he is looking for answers about his childhood, it is soon clear they are all looking for the truth within.

‘Don’t be deceived, bad company ruins good morals’